Apr 8 2016

Repping Media & TV For Kick-Butt Ladies Is Here!

Media Representation Initiative Project
This is a creative initiative advocating for more balance in roles in front of and behind the camera. As well as higher quality projects that offer representation in media for women.
I’m trying to get a full scale media project funded. With a robust web site, production consultation services, creating scripted series and other content.

What’s going on right now is a revenue shuffle and power grab. Other groups are positioning themselves – often based on the initiatives of others. YOU need to pay attention!
We don’t want to push for “diversity”……but nuanced and reciprocal inclusion and parity. And to have our own projects, alliances and resources available for our use exclusively.
We’re not beggars. This isn’t a plea to others to “do the right thing”. Master’s House…Master’s Tools and all that…
Advertisers may know a demographic’s value more than we do!  Media companies may even spread inaccurate information about certain groups to prop up another. There are many layers, facets and nuances to this. Suffice it to say, we have to use our thinking caps and see the big picture to cut through a lot of the confusion. We observed other forums take a firm stance about distancing oneself from a lot of media, to not support things that weren’t beneficial.
“Movies make magic. They change things. They take the real and make it into something else, right before our very eyes….”  apply other genres

                                                                                               ~~~ Reel to Real bell hooks

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Jan 29 2016

Why Your Content ‘Expert’ Pool Must Be Inclusive To Be Accurate

I’m sharing this infographic on creating content that features a slew of professionals. So much of their feedback is useful, but as I was going down the list I noticed the experts are a rather homogeneous group. It seems like an oversight to not have enough professionals from the largest populations of content users because it could have an impact in audience reach and the success of a campaign.

Not to mention that the largest user base of social networking sites like Twitter are Black (and also Latino), producing content that directly influences and is often used by media outlets (not always with permission) and the general public. Between the Nielsen Study including social media engagement activity into their tv show ratings and teen content creators getting buzz for their catch phrases, these are legitimate sources – perhaps underutilized.

This company may simply have a relationship with the individuals featured. Yet alliances can lend credence to the erasure of others who are equally or more knowledgable – and may not be arbitrary. When you fail to recognize talent and skill, it becomes a vicious cycle of exclusion. Not ‘knowing’ more professionals becomes self-perpetuating and can become a false perspective that they aren’t any. When in fact key opportunities are lost and those erroneous assumptions become set in stone.

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Oct 19 2015

Why The Failure Rate For Business Shouldn’t Deter You From Starting Yours

Some may call it masochistic reality tv. Shows like Shark Tank and The Profit certainly give you heightened dramatic moments as a viewer and a shot of encouragement if you want to realize your business dreams. If you have entrepreneurial drive, you should hone it. Even if you simply vet and discard an idea for a business, going through the process of research, discussing your idea out loud with peers and even pitching to friends, family and potential investors will make you a more valuable employee.

Creativity and execution are qualities any company should cheer to find amongst its roster. That junior-level assistant may come up with an automation tool that could save you millions. Being able to follow through from concept to prototype rules out a lot of wishful thinkers. Not everyone can wait up to two years for Marcus Lemonis to help their struggling small business.

So when you read about that successful, multi-million or billion dollar evaluation it gets hard to remember when it was just one or two people with an idea that hardly anyone else understood. For every huge success, there’s about twenty that you never hear about or that quickly fade (Meerkat and Periscope are more recent examples of companies offering similar). Sometimes good ideas don’t survive past incubation stage and it wasn’t because anyone did anything ‘wrong’. It could be timing, support, or a host of other reasons.

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