Merging Ideas


I am an ideas person, a content creator and creative strategist. I am interested in finding ways to bridge the gap between the providers of  X, Y or Z with those who might best be served by using them. As a strategist and advocate I can not only show how the implementers bring value to X, Y or Z but connect the creators with untapped resources of  potential users who’d easily become brand loyalists and ardent supporters of a cause.

For example as the owner of a smart phone/pda I am rather frustrated by the proprietary limitations imposed on consumers who live in various regions. Having to rely on locked SIM cards and various service plans hampers our use of said product. These “rules” may be beneficial to a company’s bottom line but it can stifle growth and innovation.

When we look at the examples of companies like Hewlett-Packard and Canon, would-be competitors whose business has become more intimately intertwined we have a strong case for their continued viability resulting from their finding some common ground in offering superior products and services.

Customers in the United States are paying a premium for less functionality of services like cable television and high-speed internet that has yet to be properly addressed. That goes hand in hand with diminished access to broadband amongst certain rural and urban communities and why the implementation of mobile technology is so important.

In order for the United States to remain competitive with the rest of the world in a global economy its citizens will need to be armed with the latest gadgets and be familiar with swiftly changing technology. For all we know a child from an under-served community may be the one to come up with the Next Big Thing. How can that happen without proper encouragement and adequate resources? It is also important to promote the creation of content and tools for adaption and implementation.

Per the US Census African-American women are projected to have $1.2 Trillion in disposable income by 2012. This is an as yet underutilized demographic of brand loyalists.

AA women bring a specific value as the head of households and focus on community uplift. For companies that are truly interested in partnering with a viable market of well-traveled, educated women it would behoove them to utilize this group as representatives.