Apr 30 2013

Some Of The Hottest Digital Design Trends For Businesses This Year

Infographic courtesy of  wedgeim.ca

Why B2B Businesses Should Leverage the Potential of Innovation…..

Apr 26 2013

Whether It’s B2B Or B2C, Here’s Why CONTENT Is King

I had very divergent experiences in advising two organizations recently.

One was remarkable in its synchronicity because the management team has thoroughly vetted current digital trends and will position their organization accordingly.

The other was equally frustrating because the executives in place did not value conducting industry due diligence. They didn’t know who their closest competitors were! They insisted any emphasis on content creation was B2C-focused.  Even though they claimed to need a digital marketing plan, they remain focused on outdated models within offline media.

It’s 2013 folks. Let’s act like it! This is the time to bring business practices up to date. Customer engagement and lead generation go hand in hand. Here’s just a few excerpts from numerous key sources discussing why integrating both are necessary to sustaining business success.

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Apr 7 2013

Get Your Social Media Dressed & Out The Door In 30 Minutes!

How do you juggle time-management when implementing digital strategies? This is a good start based on your client’s or organization’s needs taking reach, scope, implementation and assessment into consideration. For example, LinkedIn might not be part of the strategy rollout at all and Pinterest definitely requires more than two minutes. Then add community management, moderation and integrate with traditional media platforms and you’ve covered the basics.   You gotta love a good infographic!

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