Jun 13 2014

I’m Just As Surprised As You Are About These Google + Stats!

May 26 2014

Here’s A Quick Answer To What Social Network Platforms Look Life In Real Time

The next time someone asks about social media, you’ll have a quick answer in the can!

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May 19 2014

New York Times Innovation Report Offers Insight For Any Brand In Building Audience Engagement


Here’s the report in full:

NYT Digital Media Initiatives


I found a few takeaways that leave room for debate. The Times wants to engage a (paying) audience, but has yet to hit their stride. This is of course something everyone wants to do, but there’s no magic bullet for engaging, adding to and maintaining swaths of people to alternately, visit your site try your product, have an enjoyable experience they discuss, buy said product or service and remain a life-long customer.

This is a global economy, quality varies, trends come and go, people change their minds.

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