Apr 29 2015

So You Want A New Website?

via seal web marketing

When companies embark on a website design project, there are particular considerations to keep in mind to keep costs in check and to get the desired results. It can be useful to have a go-between to determine what a company needs and how to accurately translate that to a designer or agency.

I observed the aftermath of poor communication between an NGO and the design firm they hired to move their site from php to Drupal. It was initially a $40k project (which I already found cost prohibitive) and had ballooned to nearly $100k. The NGO was furious. The design firm was frustrated because the asks kept shifting and was supposed to include training non-technical staffers.

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Apr 20 2015

A Quote To Remember

Jun 13 2014

I’m Just As Surprised As You Are About These Google + Stats!