Why Your Content ‘Expert’ Pool Must Be Inclusive To Be Accurate

I’m sharing this infographic on creating content that features a slew of professionals. So much of their feedback is useful, but as I was going down the list I noticed the experts are a rather homogeneous group. It seems like an oversight to not have enough professionals from the largest populations of content users because it could have an impact in audience reach and the success of a campaign.

Not to mention that the largest user base of social networking sites like Twitter are Black (and also Latino), producing content that directly influences and is often used by media outlets (not always with permission) and the general public. Between the Nielsen Study including social media engagement activity into their tv show ratings and teen content creators getting buzz for their catch phrases, these are legitimate sources – perhaps underutilized.

This company may simply have a relationship with the individuals featured. Yet alliances can lend credence to the erasure of others who are equally or more knowledgable – and may not be arbitrary. When you fail to recognize talent and skill, it becomes a vicious cycle of exclusion. Not ‘knowing’ more professionals becomes self-perpetuating and can become a false perspective that they aren’t any. When in fact key opportunities are lost and those erroneous assumptions become set in stone.

There’s a solution to this. Expand your relationships professionally. Don’t assume you must have A & B to get C. If you want results think outside the box. Trust that not everyone shares the same background or career trajectory, but can still understand how to deliver. Perhaps they’re trailblazers forging new paths you didn’t even know about.

Some people with an extensive knowledge base may not be running their own shops. Perhaps more encouragement and sharing resources might encourage others to take that leap. Asking these types of questions and making observations that lead to progress is necessary.


Addictive Content Infographic

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